his and hers simple platinum wedding bands

  • Platinum 950
  • Larger band: 4mm x 1.5mm
  • Smaller band: 2.5mm x 1.5mm
  • Flat / pipe cut profile
  • Polished finish (or satin)
  • check here for current lead time
  • Please contact us for customization

These simple platinum wedding bands are made from scratch. Dan starts by melting the platinum into an ingot and then hand-rolls the ingot into these particular sizes and widths. He fusion-welds the bands, then forms the rings and hard-rolls them for durability. Finally, the rings are finished to a high polish.

And because these two bands are formed from the same ingot of platinum, you will feel warmed by the knowledge that the symbols of your devotion to one another were created from the same source!

One of the noblest of metals, platinum has a wear characteristic that outlasts gold 10x to 1x. We use an alloy that is 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium.

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