make your own wedding ring
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Make your own wedding bands!

What could be more romantic than to make your own wedding bands, the symbols of your devotion to one another?  Join us in our Portland, Oregon studio for a private session with Dan, a master jeweler, who will guide you through the process of making your own wedding rings.

For the months of October through February, prices start at $800 + materials per couple for a one-day session making a set of simple or hammered wedding bands.  For the months of March through September, prices start at $950.  More complicated designs are feasible with Dan’s assistance; prices vary depending upon design.

We currently offer two options to make your own wedding bands:  hand forging or casting.   Hand forging rings can be done in one day; casting rings is split into two half day sessions.

If hand forging your rings, you will start with a bar (or bars) of metal, roll out the ring stock, form & solder your rings, and finish them to your preference.   Most likely you will finish your rings in one day, but if you need a little more time, that’s ok!  You can see the process of hand forging by watching Dan make a platinum wedding ring in this video:

If casting your rings with the lost-wax-casting method, you will visit our studio for two half-day sessions rather than one full-day session.  You will start with wax and hand carve your rings; after which you will prepare the waxes for casting.  Your wax rings will rest happily in our kiln overnight (or on a night that works with your schedule), and then you will return to the studio the next morning to fire up some metal in the centrifuge to spin into your molds.  We hope to have a video to show you this process soon.

Please contact us with questions or to schedule your special day!