Dan and Laura make the most beautiful rings. They are perfect! I love that our wedding rings were formed from one piece of metal. So thoughtful!

Kylie C. - Snowmass Village June 12, 2014
18k palladium white gold wedding rings with hammered finish

Getting your wedding bands from a goldsmith on another continent sounds like a crazy idea, but this turned out to my best online purchase ever. Dan's workmanship is excellent - you will not find bands like this even in big city mall and the size of the bands was perfect (I requested a 6.625). Laura was extremely patient in answering my questions.

Liyan C. - Singapore February 12, 2014

So pleased with the ring, and excellent service too! The ring is beautifully crafted, and feels substantial despite its small size. Thank you for doing amazing work!

Christina S. - New York City October 12, 2013

After 15 years together and 8 married (just recently recognized in the US) we decided to celebrate with new wedding bands. We couldn't be happier with the results. Laura's heartfelt treatment made the selection and ordering process a pleasure, and Dan's craftsmanship and attention to detail have simply exceeded our expectations. Kudos!

Francisco S. - Seattle September 12, 2013
handmade two tone wedding band

I LOVE THIS RING...but almost the best part of the whole experience was working with Laura and Dan. They worked extra-quickly to meet an unusually tight deadline with a genuinely positive humor and appreciation for the jitters that weddings bring. The only reason I'm sorry I didn't buy it in Portland is that i didn't get to thank them in person.

Tracey H. - Midlothian March 12, 2012
artisan engagement ring

I do not think you can fully appreciate Dan's work until you are able to turn it over in your own hands. Beautiful, elegant craftsmanship, and with subtle style different from anything you would find in a retail jewelry store. Laura's customer service is likewise beyond reproach; informative, prompt, and just a pleasure to converse with! There's a warmth in every aspect of the process here you won't find anywhere else. Thanks so much!

Scott B. - Williamsburg February 12, 2012
unique men's wedding band

I love my new wedding ring!!! It is everything that I had hoped it would be and more. There is a reason that Dan and Laura have a 4 to 6 week lead time... Dan is a phenomenally gifted artist, Laura is wonderful to work with, and the word is out! Laura, you made this whole process so much easier for me. I am so happy with my ring, and so happy that I found your shop. I will be telling everyone who asks, and anyone who will listen that Ravens Refuge is THE place to get a custom wedding band.

Robert S. - Danielson September 12, 2011

I can't even put into words how grateful I am for the fantastic couple behind Ravens Refuge. Customer service is top notch and the product they produce is one of love and caring. Thanks again so very much!

David L. - Amherst August 12, 2011
simple white gold wedding band

If you find a ring of theirs you like then BUY IT!!! You will not be disappointed with the quality and service of Dan and Laura. You do not find customer service like this anywhere else! Dan and Laura are hard-working, considerate and very giving individuals! First, they make high quality jewelry. Second, they are passionate about what they are making for you and actually care that you are happy with what you are getting. Thirdly, they give attention to all the small details while helping you. It's like they have already served you filet mignon and then they go the extra mile and give you a free dessert with whip-cream and a cherry on top. They communicate well, they are honest, and they are considerate. This is more than anyone can ask for on top of their quality and well-priced jewelry.

Brad B. - St. Charles July 12, 2011
handmade two tone wedding band

AMAZING! The fit is absolutely perfect. Corresponding with Laura has been a real treat; reassured this to-be bride to work with such professionals. Makes a huge difference to have such great customer service mixed with serious artisan talent. Dan's work is second to none. A real masterpiece.

Monika and Alex - Lausanne, Switzerland June 12, 2011