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Welcome to Ravens’ Refuge! We are a family business centered on Dan’s art. We strive to create handmade jewelry that the owner will treasure, and we welcome custom orders.

Local customers are welcome to come & visit our shop by appointment.  You are also welcome to come by the shop on the fly, just give us a call first at 503-231-1701.  Please note that it is not a nice retail shop, but rather a dirty & industrial studio.  We do have some sample jewelry available for viewing & we would love to meet you!

** Current lead time for most items is approximately 4 weeks. **

We keep a queue for our orders & it is based on the order in which deposits / payments are made. Please note that our operation consists of one jeweler – Dan, a perfectionist – doing everything from alloying the gold to forging and finishing the jewelry.  We are happy to take installments on any of our items in whatever increments work for you. A deposit will get your order into our queue.

Our ability to accommodate rush orders may be dependent upon whether we happen to have stock on hand that already is rolled out in the requested dimensions. This isn’t a frequent occurrence, as we hand mill our stock to order.

If we don’t have stock on hand, our ability to accommodate rush orders will depend on whether Dan is able to work longer hours at the studio so that orders in our day-to-day queue will not be delayed. In these circumstances, we charge a rush fee. The amount of the rush fee is dependent upon the extent of the labor required for the requested item; and at a minimum, the rush fee will be $75.  Please contact us for more information on the rush fee for a particular item, if you are interested.

Please feel free to reach us directly at ravensrefuge[at]  We prefer email as a mode of communication, but you may also call us at 503-231-1701.