Privacy Policy

Ravens’ Refuge collects and uses personal information that you expressly give us (for example, your name, address or email address) for the purpose of answering your inquires and/or facilitating your purchase. Ravens’ Refuge does not sell or trade your information. Ravens’ Refuge allows third party providers to use your information for the purpose of facilitating your purchase or in order to enable us to answer your inquiry.

Third party providers include, but are not limited to, the following: payment processors, website and email hosts, shipping providers, and data storage.  Personal information includes your name, contact information, shipping and billing information, and any other information you share with Ravens’ Refuge.

Ravens’ Refuge does not collect or retain credit card information in any capacity.  All credit cards are run securely through PayPal for processing.

Ravens’ Refuge utilizes cookies to engage in statistical analysis with respect to advertising.  This analysis is not linked back to you or any individual.  Additionally, Ravens’ Refuge uses cookies to assess technical errors and issues with our website.  Again, this analysis is not linked back to you or any individual.

Cookies are small txt files sent from the server to your device.  You can change your preferences with respect to accepting or rejecting cookies in your browser settings.

Your IP address is recorded on our server along with your use of our site; however, Ravens’ Refuge will not access your IP address and associated information except as required to abide by legal mandates; in the event that you have violated the Terms of Use; or in the event of fraud or suspected fraud.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.  Your privacy is important to us.