Size Matters

Determining ring size is a bit tricky, as numerous factors impact how a ring fits. In fact, your ring size can change up to a ¼ size throughout the course of a single day! Your fingers are more likely to be swollen in the morning than at night, and they will be plumper in the

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Karats of Gold

What’s in a karat? Back in the day, when Constantine was emperor, there was a solid gold Roman coin called the “solidus.” The weight of the solidus equaled 24 karats. A “karat” was at that time measured by the weighing of carob beans, which were thought to be of uniform weight and therefore helped to

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Comfort Fit

What is a comfort fit wedding band? Comfort fit is a style of band where the inside of the band rolls or “tapers” outward to the edge. This makes the band easier to get on and off, and makes it more comfortable in respect to movement of the fingers. A thicker band is necessary to

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Carats of Diamonds

What’s in a carat? “Carat” is one of the Four C’s that impact a diamond’s worth, along with cut, color, and clarity. The words “carat” and “karat” are likely derived from the same root (meaning carob pod – see karats of gold); however, in the US, the two different spellings have become indicators of stone

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Jewelry can be finished in a number of different ways, from polished & shiny to rough & scratchy. Hammered finish is also an option, and hammered jewelry additionally can have a polished or brushed effect. Dan finishes most of our jewelry with either a polished or a satin finish. (We use the terms “satin,” “matte,”

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Dan Palmer, goldsmith

Wear and Tear

The concept of “wear” with respect to jewelry is inter-woven with the individual characteristics of hardness, durability, and scratch resistance. While one metal may be harder than the others, this does not necessarily mean it will last longer than other metals.

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Etsy Grows Up (PDX Monthly)

Eight years ago, we wouldn’t have paid two grand for all of Etsy’s products, never mind a single ring. But that was before goldsmith and gemsetter Dan Palmer started selling his hand-forged bands from platinum, palladium, and yellow, white, and rose gold, using conflict-free stones to finish the Old World–style rings. Read more on PDX

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