If you’d like to see Dan forging a wedding band from start to finish, please check out this great video made by our friend Tucker Glasow…

Forging from the raw material is rarely practiced these days and is quickly becoming a lost art. Rings that are “cold worked” are stronger and denser than rings that are cast. And because we hand mill our own stock, unlike many other artisans who must rely upon pre-formed stock, we are not constrained by standardized dimensions.

When you purchase a ring from us, you can be assured that you are buying a ring that is truly handmade: not put together from pre-formed stock; not punched out on a press; and not machined on a computerized lathe. We make our rings from scratch from the raw material, hand mill our own ring stock, and forge and finish our rings in methods used by metalsmiths of days gone by -– methods most likely used to create your great-grandparents’ wedding rings. Some intricate designs are fabricated by means of lost wax casting, but the majority of our bands are hand forged.

Every handmade ring is completely unique – no two are ever alike. We make our rings to order and yours will be made especially for you.