• 22k gold
  • Larger band: 6mm x 2mm, comfort fit
  • Smaller band: 4.5mm x 2mm, comfort fit
  • Knife edge profile
  • Pebble hammering
  • Polished, satin or no finish (pictured with no finish)
  • Made to order in 4-6 weeks, depending upon the length of our queue
  • Please contact us for customization

Beautiful and glowing 22k gold imparts a sense of ancient treasure.   Dan creates these rings using age-old methods of metal smithing: alloying the metal, pouring a bar, and forging it into two separate rings. He files the knife edge and hammers the rings in our “pebble” hammering style.   22k gold is malleable, but when cold-worked and forged, the metal is rendered stronger than if it was cast.

The rings in the photos were not formally finished (with a polished or satin finish) so that the definition of the facets would not be softened by the brushes. A polished or satin finish is certainly an option.