This listing is for three 14k gold bands, each 2mm x 1.5mm in dimension, in any color combination. Each ring will be forged by hand from the raw material. Dan will alloy pure gold to create the different colors, pour the ingots and hand mill the ring stock. He then will hammer and finish the rings to your preference.

Many stacking rings on the market are extremely thin and delicate, likely to bend with normal activity. Our rings are solidly made and will hold up to every day wear and then some, for years and years, until you are ready to pass them down.

Stackable rings are so versatile – mix and match them with other rings in your collection, or wear them all together to create a statement ring. These rings also can make excellent anniversary presents, as the stack can be added to periodically.

Solid gold stacking rings:

  • 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold
  • Three rings, each 2mm x 1.5mm
  • Flat profile
  • Cobblestone hammering
  • Polished finish (or satin)
  • check here for current lead time
  • Please contact us for customization

This listing covers ring sizes up to 7. For size 7.25 and above, please contact us for a quote.

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We are happy to customize the dimensions of these rings!