This wonderful wide hammered ring is forged from hand milled stock that is 8mm wide and 1.75mm thick. The 1.75mm thickness allows for a moderate comfort fit. Dan has hammered it in our “pebble” hammering style, which is one of the more textured styles in our shop, the facets being smaller and deeper. A matte finish is shown, but a shiny polished finish looks great, as well!

Your ring will be made from scratch: Dan will alloy gold, pour an ingot, hard roll the stock & finish the ring to your preference. Because the metal is cold worked, hand forged bands like these are denser and stronger than bands that are cast.

Wide hammered ring:

  • 14k rose gold, yellow gold or white gold
  • 8mm x 1.75mm, moderate comfort fit
  • Flat profile
  • Pebble hammering
  • Satin finish (or polished)
  • check here for current lead time
  • Please contact us for customization

This listing covers up to size 10. For sizes of 10.25 and above, please contact us for a quote.