This men’s ergonomic wedding band comfortably hugs the finger with its tapered square shape. Thanks to its finger-shaped profile, the ring won’t turn or spin; and it’s less likely to bump into the neighboring digits. You might even forget you are wearing this ring if you can resist the urge to admire its excellent craftsmanship.

While many people prefer to wear this ring with the smaller edge on the top, we actually find it to be more comfortable with the smaller edge on the bottom. Whatever your finger shape and your ring-wearing preferences may be, you are certain to find this band comfortable and less likely to snag on things.

Made from hand-milled stock that is 7mm wide and 2mm thick, the band is hand forged and finished with a comfort fit profile. The pictured band has a satin center with polished, beveled edges — but Dan can make various styles of wedding bands in this ergonomic profile, so please contact us if you’d like something different.

Your ring will be made from scratch: Dan will alloy gold, pour an ingot, hard roll the stock, and finish the ring to your preference. Because the metal is cold worked, hand forged bands like this one are denser and stronger than bands that are cast.

Men’s ergonomic wedding band:

  • 14k yellow gold, rose gold or white gold
  • 7mm x 2mm, comfort fit
  • Flat ergonomic profile
  • Satin center with polished beveled edges
  • check here for current lead time
  • Please contact us for customization

This listing covers up to size 10. Size 10.25 and above, please contact us for pricing.