• Platinum 950
  • 1.7mm x 1.7mm
  • Full round profile
  • Polished finish (or satin)
  • Made to order in 4-6 weeks, depending upon the length of our queue
  • Please contact us for customization

This simple and slender ring will be made from scratch, starting with molten platinum. First, Dan will pour an ingot, which looks a bit like a lumpy baby carrot. He then rolls this ingot into a square form with his rolling mill, down and down, until it is small enough to pull through circular “doors” on his gauge. This is called “pulling wire,” and the wire becomes thinner and thinner as Dan pulls it through progressively smaller doors. The concept is the same for full round rings made in larger dimensions.

These days, it is very easy to buy pre-made full round stock and simply solder it together, but Dan always prefers to make his own.

We use an alloy of 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium for our platinum jewelry.

This listing covers ring sizes up to 7. For size 7.25 and over, or to customize the metal or dimensions of this band, please contact us for a quote.